mParivahan App: Login, Online Vehicle Details & Check DL/RC Status

mParivahan App: Login, Online Vehicle Details & Check DL/RC Status: Shri Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport, Highways, and Shipping, launched mParivahan in January 2017. mParivahan App was created as a technological tool to provide citizens with detailed information on transportation services. It is a very useful app that allows you to complete all RTO-related activities in one go and relieves you of the burden of carrying various physical documents. mParivahan online is a mobile application that allows users to quickly access all of the important data associated with transportation services, such as driving licences, registration certificates, paying taxes, challans, and emergency services, from any location and at any time.

mParivahan – Key Features & Purpose

mParivahan provides a wide range of services, some of which are listed below:

  • The nearly authentic and universally recognized DL and RC are available.
  • This program can create a fresh DL (only passing a mock test is necessary).
  • The application offers a straightforward and approachable user interface.
  • Any vehicle whose information is needed can have its registration number entered.
  • Visits to RTO offices are not required thanks to a straightforward application.
  • Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the software.
  • The registration process for RC and DL is simple.
  • Any vehicle’s full information is available.
  • Additionally, mParivahan has access to the virtual ID.
  • Locating the closest RTO is made easier with the mParivahan app.
  • Direct access to the RC and DL is available from the dashboard.

Benefits of Using the mParivahan App

  • The mParivahan online application can provide you with information about any vehicle registered in India.
  • If a driver does not have the original physical paperwork for a vehicle, he or she can show the traffic officers the digital driving licence (DL) or registration certificate (RC) when they conduct a check; digital documents have the same weight as physical ones.
  • Simply enter a vehicle’s registration number to obtain information such as lost/theft, accident, parking tickets, and so on.
  • Car verification information.
  • Details on used vehicle verification.
  • The application allows you to activate accident alerts and notifications.
  • Even when not connected to the internet, the application can provide vehicle information by simply entering the registration number.
  • A QR Code (RC and DC) sticker for the vehicle can be used.
  • The application can provide data on the towed vehicle.

How to Download the mParivahan App?

1: Launch the Play Store on Android devices or iOS on Apple devices.

2: Look for’mParivahan’ and select the’mParivahan’ app option.

3: Download and launch the app on your phone.

How to Search Challan in mParivahan App?

1: Launch the mParivaham app on your phone.

2: Now, on the left side of the application’s dashboard, click on your name.

3: From the list of options, choose ‘Search Challan.’

4: Enter the RC number or the Driving License number to search for the challan.

Services Offered by mParivahan App

Information About RC

This option provides access to detailed information about the registration certificate. By entering the RC number, you can access all of the details on the RC dashboard.

DL Specifications

This option provides detailed information about the driver’s licence. By entering the DL number, you can access all of the information on the DL dashboard.

RTO closest to you

The mParivahan online application can also be used to locate the nearest RTO to one’s location.


mParivahan allows you to search for challans (if any exist) by entering your registration certificate number or driving licence number.


Can I apply for a new driver’s licence using the mParivahan?

No, you cannot apply for a new DL using the mParivahan app.

Can I pay my challan using mParivahan?

The mParivahan application does not support challan payment.

Is it possible to see my RC in mParivahan?

Yes, one can view and verify his or her RC in mParivahan

How do I get RC from the mParivahan app?

Create a virtual RC and then download it to your phone using the mParivahan application.

Is mParivahan an official government app?

Yes, mParivahan is a government app developed by the Ministry of Road Transport, Highways, and Shipping.

What is NextGen mParivahan in India?

It is an official government app for searching vehicle registration numbers in India. It provides comprehensive information about a vehicle, such as the Owner Name, Date of Registration, and Registration Authority.

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