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Free Fire Pets List 2022: Free fire is very famous in India, Players always try to optimize their characters to increase their power and status in free fire games. We all know that free fire has also so another advance application name free fire Max.  the power of the characters is different from each other and their pets are also important which helps to increase their special powers in battle. 

In today’s article, we will list out the top five best pets which increase your special powers according to your characters in October 2022. We have listed the following characters according to their HP and their other uh Special Powers which improve and lay out their characters in the better ground.

Free Fire Pets List

Top 5 Pets in Free Fire MAX  

We have listed a total of 5 pets that can upgrade the capacity of your character with their special powers. Most of the pro players used these pets to win the match. Many people do not know about these Pets. you should try these at least once in battle.


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This is a pet That is used in free fire and free fire Max games. It is a brown colored Tarot who was a jacket with a cap and headphones like a DJ boy. You can optimize its dress According to your choice. Health point is essential to survive in a game-free fire.  auto has a special skill which is known as Double Blubber. Players will use this technique to increase the HP of the character. The player will get their health point according to their skill level of the player. 

  • You will get 35% EP recovery at the skill level of 1
  • The player will get the benefit of the collector with an EP recovery rate of 50%  in level 2
  • The user will get a recovery rate of 65% at the skill level of 3 where the minimum scale of the pet should be e above level 7. 

The EP recovery plays an important role in the better ground to recover the HP rate of character.  while the character is busy in battle,  if the character is troubled with fighting and does have not any e time to reveal their uh health point then he can use their collected EP  to increase The HP rate of the character during the game.


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There are many players who chose to use active abilities In free-fire matches because of their Superior tactical advantage, But their Hai cooldown time Is often one of the biggest drawbacks. Therefore rockie Is an excellent choice if you want to reduce The cooling time of active abilities.

  • This pet will reduce cold down time 6% in level 1.
  • You can reduce your cool-down time up to 10% in level 2 where the minimum level of the pet should be more than level 5
  • The Third Level can help you to reduce cooldown up to 15% where uh the minimum Skill of PET should be more than 7 levels.

Detective Panda

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Detective Panda provides players with a Recent HP gain after De Max out Pandas blessings,  which makes it a good choice in free-fire MAX Matches after players have suffered a fight and killed multiple opponents. 

  •  the skill of the player will increase the HP of the Player by using this detective Panda.
  • At level 1 you will receive Four Points for each kill as HP
  • You will receive a 7.8 INR level where the minimum level of a panda should be more than level 5.
  • If you kill a person in level 3 with skill level 3 and fat level 7,  you will pet 7 health points as a reward for every kill.


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When Enemies are vulnerable or law on health,  it is highly helpful to know where they are located. Derki is a useful pet to keep around if players want accurate information regarding the location of healing opponents.

  • Derki Will help the player to locate their open and for a few seconds 
  • The player can see 1 opponent in a radius of 10 m for 3 seconds at level 1 by using this pet.
  •  if you are in level 2 then you can see up to 2 opponents Which are available around your 20m area for 4 seconds.
  • You can see up to 4  open ends which are around your thirty-meter area for five seconds.  to use this level your pet level should be more than level 7.

Spirit Fox


Free fire Max users can get extra health points without killing any enemy with this Spirit Fox, A companion like detective Panda that can give them free HP gain. But hair you do not need to kill anyone to get this power. 

  • By using this pet you can get an extra health point for a med kit
  • You will receive up to 24 health points if it had just an initial level of 1 by using this pet character.
  • When will you reach level 2 you will get 7 health points with this feature.
  • Level 3 will provide you with 10 health points.  but the level of your pat should be more than the 7th level.

We have listed you avoid a list of PET characters that can be used in free fire and free fire Max for increasing your special powers.  there are many special pats who will Builder a pure character’s ability to fight in the battleground and increase your ability to kill your enemies. 

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