Free Fire Best Pets and Character Combinations

Pet skills vary in abilities as well as the in-game benefits they provide. However, there are some teammates who can be considered superior to others because of their on-field advantages. For more clarity, the following section will list the top five pets in the Garena Free Fire Max as of October 2022.

Characters in Garena Free Fire and its Max version are important to gameplay strategy because of their passive or active abilities. Pets serve a purpose similar to character abilities, as they provide an extra layer to a player’s game plan on the battlefield. Go through this article till the end.

Free Fire Pets Name

The Battle Royale game Free Fire debuted in 2017. This is a free-to-play game that was developed and released by Garena. The game is essentially a traditional battle royale game where players descend into an area and search for weapons to kill their enemies.

Online battle royale game Free Fire Max provides pets for in-game characters as companions. These pets are not only there for aesthetic appeal, but these companion pets have unique skills that can be useful to players when they are playing. There are many different pets available in Free Fire Max, such as Mechanical Pup, Beeston, Kitty, and many more.

Diamonds can be used to buy pets from the game shop. Players can give their pets trendy and unique names in the game to make them stand out from the rest. You can choose a name for your pet according to your interests and preferences, but if you are looking for suggestions for names for your pet, here are the 10 best pet names to use in October.

Free Fire Pet Skills, Ability & Combinations

  1. Detective Panda + Alok
  2. Beaston + Chrono
  3. Sensei Tig + Kelly
  4. Dr. Beanie + Wukong
  5. Mr. Waggor + Skyler
  6. A124 + Ottero
  7. Alok + Falco
  8. K + Ottero
  9. Nairi + Robo
  10. Maro + Detective Panda

Free Fire Max Pets: List of All Pets

List of All Free Fire Pets and Cool Names for Free Fire Pets

agent hop
sensei tigo
Dr. Benny
Mr. Vagor
spirit fox
mechanical puppy
knight panther
spy panda

Bonus Free Fire Pet Names

.🇳 .🇹 .🇪BTS•MR05
Everyone likes to see a rising from the ashes. Choose this name for your pet to reflect it.
A champion who helps you with your skills may not be an apt name.
f – Indicate the fiery side of your pet with this name.
Your pet can help you hunt down your enemies, and this name can be an indication of that.
PARTNER- For that partner who is always with you.
PIKACHU★ – All Pokémon fans will love this name!
D3M0N – Sometimes, we want a tough name for our pets, especially when it comes to battle-royal games.
αтн – Our ultimate goal in the game is to inflict on our enemies, it’s cool that fits the name of your pet.
€Ł – This name can be used to perfectly describe those cute pets that help us in our gameplay with crazy skills.

How to change your pet’s name in Free Fire?

Start the game on your smartphone.
Once you are on the home screen, click on the pet icon on the right side of the display.
After that, you have to select the pet whose name you want to change.
Click the icon next to your pet’s current name.
After that, you will see a pop-up window asking for a new name.
Now, copy and paste any name mentioned above that you want for your pet.
Once you have entered the name of the new pet, click on the button showing the Diamond symbol.
This will cut out the required diamonds and your pet will be renamed.

How to Find Stylish Names for Your Pets in Free Fire?

It’s super easy to find new names for your pet as Free Fire goes on. This is one of the popular websites to find the latest and stylish names is Nickfinder. You can go to on a web browser and use either of the few names suggested by the website right away. You can also type the name of your choice and use the “Generate Other” button to create a new style of font.

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